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RANCH ID - connecting livestock producers to knowledge, networks, and institutions

Ranch.ID is the Mobile App

With Ranch.ID, we have a historic opportunity to reduce poverty and boost shared prosperity while transforming the global food and agriculture sector. Today’s fast-evolving information and communication technology represents a tremendous opportunity for livestock producers to improve productivity, enhance food and nutrition security, to access markets and find employment opportunities in a revitalized sector. The Ranch.ID is a practical guide designed to support livestock producers, practitioners, decision makers and development partners who work in Agriculture.

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With Ranch.ID, livestock producers find it easier to build appropriate frameworks to maintain profitability, productivity and innovation and also develop partnerships, supply chains and operating environment to capitalize on markets and export opportunities.

Ranch.ID aims to support the industry to build consumer trust in production systems and also improve long-term market development by effectively connecting with communities to build the social license for production systems and products. With Ranch.ID livestock producers can promote trade, track infectious and disease incidences and address concerns with food safety and cattle rustling. With Ranch.ID, livestock producers are able to ascertain origin and ownership and deter theft and misrepresentation of animals and animal products.

Livestock producer can also carry our surveillance, control and eradication of animal diseases. The use of Ranch.ID will also contribute towards conflict resolution, peace and reconciliation and assist the detection and recovery of stolen animals.