Benefits to the Public Sector

Addressing Prevailing Security Challenges

Insecurity has become a major concern in the country in recent years, especially in the rural areas where livestock and crop production take place. Many livestock owners have lost their stock due to conflicts and large-scale livestock theft. As animals are not tagged, it becomes impossible to identify stolen stock in the various livestock markets, slaughterhouses, and abattoirs in all parts of the country.

The NAITS will help to address the farmers/pastoralist conflict as migratory stock can be identified and cautioned without the situation devolving into violent conflicts. Thus, the adoption of NAITS will greatly improve national security and enhance the overall stability and productivity of livestock in the country.

We Believe in Delivering Sustainable Impact in the Livestock Sector Through Technology

With the National Animal Identification and Traceability System, The Nigerian livestock industry's stakeholders and public health officials now have access to the data they need to make more informed decisions, improving livestock planning and management and the overall efficiency and profitability of the industry.

The information provided by the NAITS is useful to the government for understanding and responding to the needs of the livestock industry, monitoring disease outbreaks, evaluating current animal health policies, and establishing new ones to better protect both animal and public health.

The NAITS is useful to the Government
and Key stakeholders for:

Rapid Public Health Response

The NAITS will make it possible for livestock owners and public health officials to respond to disease outbreaks in a timely and efficient manner. The National Animal Identification and Traceability System (NAITS) will transform the Nigerian livestock industry by providing
stakeholders with the information they need to develop policies that will enhance rapid and efficient responses to disease outbreaks.

Increasing Productivity, Output And Ensuring Food Security

The livestock industry thrives on several factors to increase inputs and productivity.The key to ensuring that these inputs are used in a way that is both sustainable and helps to drive productivity is to provide accurate information to livestock producers and stakeholder groups.

The information provided by the NAITS improves the livestock sector overall and ensures that it is sustainable in the long run. This information, combined with proper regulation, management, and market access support, helps to ensure that the livestock sector provides continuous food security while respecting the environment and animal welfare.

Providing Direct Intervention to Verified Pastoralists

Direct intervention with verified pastoralists is an effective tool for reducing many of the challenges faced by pastoralists. Pastoralists can receive accurate directions and assistance when the NAITS is correctly implemented, as evidenced by numerous studies of the system's effectiveness.

These studies have consistently revealed that direct intervention to pastoralists, such as guiding how to properly manage their livestock through accurate animal data and providing access to products and services that they would not have otherwise had not received, improves their productivity and ultimately the overall productivity of the sector. Furthermore, the implementation of NAITS will aid pastoralists in developing a sense of self- reliance and ownership over their livestock and resources.

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What is the NAITS?

-The National Animal Identification and Traceability System (NAITS) is a robust animal information management system that identifies and traces livestock across Nigeria using forgery-proof ear tags, cattle passports, and digital technology.

What happens if the livestock does not have a tag?

- ID Ear Tags allow to effectively monitor, trace and track animals. When there are no Ear Tags on livestock, there are no means to clearly identify the animals.

What does the Barcode contain?

- The machine readable barcode contains animal ID, location of breeding and country code for proof of ownership

Are the ear tags reusable?

- ID Ear Tags ensure ten years of service life but are not reusable.

How does the NAITS align with the National Agricultural Technology and Innovation Policy (NATIP)?

-The NAITS is in line with NATIP, a policy that was developed to make Nigeria's food and nutrition secure through the extensive adoption of 21st-century knowledge, technology, and innovation in the agricultural sector.

What does the Ranch. ID tool do?

It is an effective electronic tool for tracking and identifying livestock and uses 2-dimensional data
matrix barcodes on ear tags in addition to scalable features like biometric identification
technologies like facial recognition.