Ranch.ID is the digital solution for effectively collecting and processing data on livestock, specific owners, and other key stakeholders involved in the animal management process required for the NAITS. By providing a user-friendly platform that utilises advanced technology, Ranch.ID ensures that data is securely stored, accurately tracked, and easily retrieved for effective analysis.

This powerful electronic livestock identification and tracing tool employ 2-dimensional data matrix barcodes on ear tags with functionalities including biometric identifiers such as facial recognition and extensive cattle passport information. By utilising Ranch.ID, the NAITS can easily track and document livestock ownership, monitor movement across borders, ensure proper care and monitoring of animal health, detect disease outbreaks swiftly, and enforce laws and regulations concerning animal production.

Our Technology Solution

The Ranch.ID Solution provides

Real-time data collection

In-built scannable Barcodes that contains key livestock information

Offline data capturing

Location and incident Reports

Disaster recovery and back-up system

User-friendly application and minimal hardware

Machine Learning Powered predictions

Consolidated database of key players

Ranch.ID for field agents

helps field personnel record information about an animal's
location, gender, breed, and overall health in real-time. This enables pastoralists and livestock producers to precisely track and record information about the animals in their herd, assisting them in maintaining up-to-date animal information.

Ranch.ID for  Stakeholders

Ranch.ID administrative application used by accredited personnel, stakeholders, or administrators to view and analyse livestock data and monitor animal distribution to get actionable insights that inform decision-making.

Ranch.ID is a valuable resource for livestock industry professionals and administrators to make swift decisions based on reliable data.

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What is the NAITS?

-The National Animal Identification and Traceability System (NAITS) is a robust animal information management system that identifies and traces livestock across Nigeria using forgery-proof ear tags, cattle passports, and digital technology.

What happens if the livestock does not have a tag?

- ID Ear Tags allow to effectively monitor, trace and track animals. When there are no Ear Tags on livestock, there are no means to clearly identify the animals.

What does the Barcode contain?

- The machine readable barcode contains animal ID, location of breeding and country code for proof of ownership

Are the ear tags reusable?

- ID Ear Tags ensure ten years of service life but are not reusable.

How does the NAITS align with the National Agricultural Technology and Innovation Policy (NATIP)?

-The NAITS is in line with NATIP, a policy that was developed to make Nigeria's food and nutrition secure through the extensive adoption of 21st-century knowledge, technology, and innovation in the agricultural sector.

What does the Ranch. ID tool do?

It is an effective electronic tool for tracking and identifying livestock and uses 2-dimensional data
matrix barcodes on ear tags in addition to scalable features like biometric identification
technologies like facial recognition.